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Artist Bio

Martine Bilodeau started doodling at a very young age in her rural Quebec forest farm - in fact she got her first illustration commission when she was 10 years old. 


At 17, she started painting. She completed a three-year art program at College Sainte-Foy in Quebec City. At 20, she followed her husband to Germany for 4 years and worked as a photographer for the local Canadian Base TV station as well as retail store displays. She then moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, child in tow, where she worked for the local theatre company. She painted a set for a show that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II. 


Following a move to Vancouver, BC. she exhibited her artwork in 25 venues, did a series of radio interviews about her work with CBC French, and eventually started working for the movie industry. This career spanned 25 years as a scenic artist for major Hollywood productions. 


Her work has been collected in Thailand, Italy, Germany, the US, Mexico, Japan, and Canada. Martine splits her time between her art studios in Guanajuato, Savary Island, BC, and Vancouver, BC. 

Artist's CV

Art Exhibitions 

  • Coming up in 2026 Manitoba Arts Network Touring Exhibition Program - featuring the Muses Series.

  • 2024 “Saber sembrar maíz”, Feb 20-March 28, Centro de Ciencias Explora en León Guanajuato (Science Museum, Leon, Gto, Mexico, Multidisciplinary Group Show

  • 2023 SIFT, Savary island

  • 2022-2023  Several group shows, Galeria Ven-A-Ver, San Javier 21, San Javier, Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico

  • 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 

    • Amigos de Animales Auction, Guanajuato, Mexico, Producer: Sandra Ward

  • 2015  Solo Artist​, Foro Cultural 81, Guanajuato, Gto, Mexico

  • 2011  Featured Exhibiting ​Artist, Jules Vernes Exhibition Atrium

  • 2010 Featured Exhibiting Artist​, IntraWest, Jules Vernes Exhibition Atrium, Vancouver

    • The Sanctuary TV Series Season 3, ​Featured Artist

  • 2009  The Sanctuary TV Series, Season 2, Featured​ Artist and​ Scenic Artist,

  • 2004 Amari Watergate, Bangkok, Thailand, ​Solo Exhibition​, first woman foreigner invited to exhibit, opening by Canadian Ambassador.

    • Featured Artist​, Snowball, Canadian Women in Thailand, Bangkok

    • Featured Artist​, Deluxe Combo Platter, Feature (Vic Sarin)

  • 2001  Featured Solo Artist​, 360 Degrees Lounge, Vancouver

    • Featured Solo Artist​, Benz Cafe, Vancouver

    • Featured Solo Artist​, Le Jardin, Vancouver

  • 2000 Solo Exhibiting Artist​, Adobe Systems, Fremont, US 

    • Solo Exhibiting Artist​, Ned Cocktails Lounge, Seattle, US

    • 2000  Featured Artist, ​Art Scene, Vancouver, BC

    • Group Exhibition​, Art Gallery by the Sea, Galiano Island, BC 

    • Group Exhibition​, AIDS Memorial Art Fair, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Exhibiting Artist​, Bojangle Cafe, Vancouver, BC

    • Solo Exhibiting Artist​, Cat's Meow, Vancouver, BC 

  • 1999 Group Exhibition​, IATSE, Vancouver, BC

  • 1997 Group Exhibition​, Artropolis, Vancouver, BC 

  • 1995 Solo Exhibiting Artist​, Four Winds Gallery, White Rock, BC 

  • 1994 Juried Group Exhibition​, Simon Fraser University Gallery, BC

    • Juried Semi­ Solo Exhibition​, Maple Ridge Art Gallery, BC

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Sweet Cherubim, North Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Santa Fe Cafe, Vancouver, BC

    • Group Show​, Frame International Art Show

  • 1993 Featured Artist​, French Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC 

    • Featured Artist​, Painters and Players, Vancouver, BC 

    • Featured Artist​, Art Action, Vancouver, BC

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Lazy Gourmet Cafe, Vancouver, BC

    • Group Exhibition​, Mid­Summer Madness, Ace Gallery, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Exhibition​, BC Real Estate Association

    • Solo Exhibition​, Centre Francophone, Vancouver, BC

  • 1992 Group Exhibition​, Big Show, Fifty­ Six Gallery, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Exhibition​, Watercolours, Centre Francophone, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Elan, Spirals Cafe, North Vancouver

    • Group Exhibition​, Mid­Summer Madness, ACE Gallery, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Exhibition​, the Vancouver Community Arts Council, BC

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Kits Cafe Paradise, Vancouver, BC

    • Solo Exhibition​, French Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC 

    • Solo Featured Artist​, Dannan Cafe, Vancouver, BC

  • 1991  Artist, ​Confederation Anniversary Presentation to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Other Art-related work

  • 1994-2021

    • Scenic Artist, Painter, and supervisor in over 55 IATSE 891 Motion Picture productions (listed in IMDB)


  • Collected in Thailand, U.S, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Mexico.


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  • 2 Radio Interviews, Thailand

  • 1 TV Interview, Thailand

  • Yahoo Movies Filmography, 2006, 2004

  • International Movie Database (IMDB)

  • The Voyageur, Thai - Canadian Chamber of Commerce, 2004

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Helene Deggan, Vancouver, Dec. 1993

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Helene Deggan, Vancouver, Oct. 20, 1993

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Helene Deggan, Vancouver, Dec. 8, 1992

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Marc Carpentier, Samedi Bonjour, Vancouver, Aug. 29, 1992

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Sylvia L’Ecuyer, Horizons, Vancouver, Aug. 13, 1992

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Michele Dufresne, Vancouver, Aug. 10, 1992

  • Le Soleil de la Colombie, Vancouver, Aug. 7, 1992

  • CBC, CBUF FM, Philippe Bourbeau, Micro-Midi, Vancouver, July 14, 1992

  • CBC, Societe Radio-Canada, Annick Forest, Ce Soir, June 12, 1992

  • Le Soleil de la Colombie, La Joie des Couleurs, June 3, 1992

  • Maison, Rogers Cable TV, Channel 5, Vancouver, June 3, 1992


  • BBA, Simon Fraser University, 1997

  • DEC (3-year Diploma), Presentation Design, College Sainte-­Foy, 1987

  • Graphic Design Certificates, Pitman Business College, and 1990, Sask. 

  • Institute.Sc. Tech., 1988


CARFAC Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des Artistes Canadiens

IATSE 891 Motion Pictures Technicians

Canadian Arts Council (Artist)

Artist Statement

My paintings reflect the desire to escape; whether from an unfulfilling life or as homage to the landscapes that help me escape emotionally or mentally. 


M strong relationship with colour and textures allow me to translate those magic moments.  I draw a lot from split complementary colour schemes, and the juxtaposition of colours in the vein of impressionism. I’m also very interested in obstructive realism. 


Because light plays a major role in seeing colours, I spend my time between Guanajuato, Mexico, which is 6634 feet in altitude, and the British Columbia Coast, particularly Savary Island, in a cabin near the water. I live a life of contrasts, in a colourful, very lively town in the mountains in the winter, and in a peaceful ocean off-the-grid ocean island in the summer where solitude inspires.


Having grown up on 300 acres of forest in rural Quebec, near the border of Maine, my paintings sometimes breathe that solitude - being in awe at a sunset on an empty beach or a hike in the woods with my dogs. Those moments are sacred.


I'm always looking for new commissions or gallery and artist retreats opportunities. Let's connect.


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