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The challenge of traveling around.

We're barging back from Savary Island. Peeking out the car windows, my dogs rejoice at the view of the many yachts upon our arrival in Lund. My thoughts are "when am I going to paint - definitely not today". It won't be a productive day for the artist in me. Today is off as I'm traveling to Victoria to spend time with my daughter and drop the dogs off before my trip to Quebec, where my parents live. Today is booked for exploring a bit, enjoying the views, feeling the freedom of the road on the island (it wouldn't feel the same on the Lower Mainland). Isn't feeding the soul important? I'll just pick up where I left it. I'll improvise a studio. I don't need much. An artist does not need much. I have a board to hold the paper, my pastels, and my paper. I'll set up on a chair. I'll figure it out. What is your set up when you travel?

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