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Healing the Soul with Art

Just before flying to Guanajuato, Mexico, my older brother and I made an emergency trip to see our father for what we think might be the last time. We both live at the other end of the country, and being in Canada, flying is not cheap, so I have been keeping it to a once-a-year event. I had been there the month before, but he was going fast, had said my younger brother. It was a bittersweet daily visit, cause being in the hospital, he wasn't drinking. My father has been an alcoholic as far as I remember. Needless to say, we didn't have much of a relationship with him all our lives until then, as he was very ill, lying in a hospital bed, but sober. But there he was, for a couple of days out of the time we were there anyway, alert, having a relationship with us - making jokes that made us laugh. I will never forget this short time with him, at the end of his life. I might have a chance to see him again - he's hanging in there, but express the desire to die.

Back to Gto, it always take me 7-10 days to adjust to the altitude. This time it felt like I was fighting a bit of a depression. But how could it be - I'm in the heart of the International Cervantino Festival. So I have been going to show after show - Korea's visual digital experiences, a Spanish epic theatrical and engineering spectacle that attracted a million people, a Mexican Diva, a Nigerian Funky Saxophone player, a Mexico City Folk ballet; Now I'm feeling better. My art is getting more colourful. I'm in a better state of mind.

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